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  • Emery Compton

FOBJB 20th Anniversary

Autumn 2022 marked the 20-year anniversary of Black Jack Battlefield and Nature Park! On September 21st, 2002, Kerry Altenbernd, Karl Gridley, Brenda Day, Judy Sweets, and Carolyn Bailey Berneking gathered and formed the Friends of Black Jack Battlefield!

They met under the historic maple grove on the northeast corner of our site, formerly known as Robert Hall Pearson Memorial Park, and sat at picnic tables that are still in use today.

The goals and mission of the organization were discussed and approved. The mission statement created that day: To determine the exact location of the Battle of Black Jack, June 2, 1856 and to preserve this nationally significant battlefield and its environs for posterity.

They created a list of goals which included bringing about a full historical and archeological survey of the area to establish the extent of the battlefield, bringing about the establishment of a battlefield park on the site, and establishing common ground between all interested parties.

The founding members of FOBJB knew that there was a renewed international interest in the Civil War at the time, and that the battlefield could become the jewel in the crown of the Douglas County Heritage Foundation. We are grateful for the steps that these individuals took to save this precious site!

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