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Volunteers Make It Happen

Volunteers make a difference in our communities every day by giving of themselves to help others. Whether you volunteer a few hours a week, a couple of days a month, or just once a year, the good feeling you get from knowing you’ve done something to improve your community or help improve a site in need is well worth the effort and time.

HCC Grant for Prairie Restoration

We are excited to announce that Black Jack Battlefield was awarded the second highest grant amount from the Douglas County Heritage Conservation Council (HCC). Courtney Masterson of Native Lands LLC has helped us to administer the grant funding and coordinated a seed collection and Fall prairie burn. 


We need your help to complete this project. You do not need any special tools or knowledge. All you need is a desire to help and willingness to get the job done! Courtney and her team can teach you all the fundamentals to each project. We have had many volunteers with little to no experience, but under Courtney's guidance and with other professionals, you will be a professional in no time! Want to VOLUNTEER? 

Battlefield Restoration

The Board is currently sourcing grant funding and private donations to return the Black Jack Battlefield to is pristine and tree-less historical condition. ​You can see and read more about our plans in our Master Plan below.

Gate Project

These are the plans for the entryway gate that is being hand forged for Black Jack Battlefield and Nature Park! This gate has been a work in progress for many years and is finally near completion!

This unique gate is full of symbolism. A prairie grass motif is joined by branches and leaves of the blackjack oak. At the bottom of the side panels lie dead oak leaves, representing fallen men. Although the gate gives off the general impression of leafy, rural calm, hidden between the oak branches are representations of a Sharps Carbine and a bowie knife pike (the weapon which connects Black Jack to later Civil War events.)

Learn more:

Please consider making a donation to assist in the completion and installation of our gate!

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