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Get involved.  

1. Make a Cash Contribution

If you're looking for a no-fuss way to reduce your tax liability while also supporting Black Jack Battlefield and Nature Park, consider a monetary donation. You can designate how the funds you share are to be used, or you can make a no strings attached gift that enables our Board of Trustees to make a decision about how the money should be spent to serve the best interests of the organization.

2. Attend a Fundraiser

If you want to have fun while also supporting Black Jack Battlefield and Nature Park, consider buying a ticket to attend an enjoyable fundraising event.  We occasionally have these events and they range from silent auctions, wine and food tastings, dinner dances, reenactments, etc.  It makes sense to put your entertainment dollars to work to provide support for the work of important community-based charities, like ours, especially when you can have a good time in the process!

3. Donate Your Time and Talent

Another way to give donations  is to donate your time and your talent to Black Jack Battlefield and Nature Park. You may be able to donate your legal expertise to the organization or offer time helping to run charity events. You can donate your accounting services or your crafting abilities.  We are also always looking for help maintaining the grounds and trails as well as special projects throughout the year. We host an Annual Park Day that is through the American Battlefield Trust which helps us clean and maintain the grounds.

4. Legacy Gift

Legacy giving, sometimes generally referred to as "planned giving,” is a donation made by an individual through a will or other formal designation. Legacy gifts are typically prepared with a financial planner and are meant to reflect the values and desires of the donor. As the name suggests, most donors want to leave a legacy or memory of their life through their posthumous giving. Others, however, wish to make a legacy gift for a significant family member. For example, do you have some historical connection to the Battle of Black Jack, or any of the historical figures surrounding the battle? How about a family member who was really passionate about our site? Or someone connected to the Pearson farmstead? These are all great reasons to consider giving a legacy gift. 

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